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Until we go on to the benefits, you must know — what actually does travel technology mean?

Travel technology is an enhancement of IT (Information Technology) to the hospitality, tourism and travel sectors.

The Web has a strong capacity and will help all major businesses in the field without any boundaries, including the transport and tourism sectors. The growing trend in the creation of the Travel Portal has allowed the travel industry to pursue the process of expansion. Creation of the Travel Platform is related to the introduction of travel technologies in the travel industry.

The B2B solution for the travel industry is an online portal where agents can make bookings just like an end-user does the bookings. Sounds easy, huh? Yeah, it’s easier to handle your agents when you have the ultimate B2B booking engine with all the functionality you need.

The B2B booking engine is ideal for travel agencies, destination management firms or travel agents with a network with sub-agents who often communicate with end-users. This online B2B framework can also be incorporated with third-party vendors (XML Integration) offering inventories at the best possible cost. Your agent must register and log in to the portal to make appointments for hotels, holiday packages, events or tours, etc. However, since it would operate with agents, there are such functionalities that are also part of the framework.

Benefits of Travel Technology Solutions:

  • Meta Search Websites:

Allows travelers to compare flight, hotel or car rental prices from various OTAs and booking sites at just one place. Meta Search Website has increasingly become an important player in the travel and hospitality business and is increasingly becoming one of the most powerful advertisement options for small properties. It is the most powerful and economical way to show your offerings to your clients and make them available to millions of your internet users.

Our company assumes that the simultaneous quest of some of the cheapest traders at once will remain the core expertise of Software Xprts and will continue to bring immense value to customers, while the auxiliary resources built around the engine will become increasingly relevant.

Our Meta Ready Technology helps your visitors find in a matter of seconds the right available air fare, hotel & car rental for the tourist and many more.

By integrating the travel inventory of various transports, hospitality and tour companies, these meta-search systems have the option to pick the best facilities and the cheapest rates according to the search criteria.

As travel meta-search engine websites becoming more popular with travelers, more hotel companies are connecting with Software Xprts for their online travel meta-search compatibility and adopting the same technology.

  • Global Distribution Systems:

GDS are primarily responsible for the rise of the travel industry and the pace of most internet-based travel services.

GDS networks provide global details, prices, inventory, deals, real-time availability of flights , hotel rooms, car rental, bus fares, and many more to make the travel industry more informatics and advanced.

It is effectively a central reservation system that gives travel agencies and their clients access to travel information, purchase and compare booking options and book travel.

An internet infrastructure or network that runs across the world and links travel service companies or companies to travel agents in real time, offering a consolidated interface that includes airline ticket bookings and more.

Being an inventory of vendors all over the globe, you can pick from all big Global Distribution System facilitators such as Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Travelport, Worldspan, Low-Cost Carriers (LCC’s) and acquire them on a single interface.

The client just has to go through the GDS airline booking in order to book a ticket. The GDS Booking Framework API helps one to merge travel-associated options in every application. This should be done with the travel agent, the website, the reservation system, the company’s own reservation system.

Our booking modules give you direct access to airline services hosted by a number of Global Distribution Systems. The incorporation of our online booking system on your website will allow you to extend the selection of travel products you have within a short period of time.

  • Low-Cost Carriers:

Label what you want – low-cost carrier, low-cost airline, no-frills, discount, or budget carrier, or even low-cost airline. The low-cost carrier is an airline providing cheaper fares and less facilities and services to its customers.

It can appear like low-cost airlines have existed for as long as people have been flying aircraft. Southwest Airlines, the first airline to offer full-time low-cost carrier service, began operating in 1971. Its goal was to sell travelers cheap air fares.

In the context of low-cost carriers, the American carrier, Southwest Airlines, is labeled as a parent, and its business model has been replicated by airlines around the globe.

European airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair have based their low-cost concepts on the Southwest model. A variety of low-cost airlines have produced adapted variations of the Southwest operating model. Presently, low-cost carriers fly in most of the world’s major airline markets.

Our company lets your visitors find and book from hundreds of Low Cost Carriers through the wide Global Distribution Solution.

  • Fastest Result Turnaround Time:

As users, there is nothing as irritating and demanding, than a slow web page loading. Notably in the mobile-dominated online environment that we now live in, we’re calling for pages that bring information to us at the speed of a swipe.

If users don’t get what we want in a time that they think is fair, they’re usually going somewhere else to find it on another, quicker page.

With pages loaded at the pace of a website converted into a book (or faster!), you’re going to keep your visitors entertained and, more importantly, maintain their confidence. And this exactly what we promise to deliver you. The technology that’s going to show results to your visitors in just 6-9 seconds maximum.

Where can you find a system for the best travel technology solutions?

Software Xprts is one of the most excellently-designed and high-performing travel management solutions in the market. We deliver a high-end travel domain-specific approach that will ensure your company expands at its peak capacity. You can reach higher sales rates, handle consumers, produce reports and boost employee efficiency with the app. Software Xprts will help you achieve the height of your ambition. Feel free to contact us now for a free demo!

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